RR Sonic has developed a new high gain low loss 4G antenna. This antenna comes with a top of the range 4G router that’s un-locked for any mobile rural data tower. We have a fantastic product that delivers amazing results. Our antenna can be mounted inside a loft space or mounted on your chimney/roof. What makes the RR Sonic antenna special is that it was developed and designed by an installer with over 25 years of experience. From Scottish rural castles to remote cottages our antennas can be seen working away just fine. The sleek design off our antennas helps blend into country houses and historic buildings. We have different mounting solutions so that listed buildings can benefit from having high speed internet without having an ugly satellite dish or large antenna. RR Sonic have your building covered when it comes to blending the antenna with the building; you can’t see anything in most cases. Currently being installed by www.Rural5G.co.uk

Rural fast internet kit