Click on the image above to see what 4g transmitters are in your area. We have found the speed of the 4g internet over takes copper wire bradband.

Our customers have 4mbps on copper, after we upgrade them to 4G with the new RRSonic 4G antenna they are left with speed of 40mbps up wards.

  • 5G Band n78 (3500MHz)

4G Coverage

  • LTE Band 7 (2600MHz)
  • LTE Band 20 (800MHz)
  • LTE Band 1 (2100MHz)
  • LTE Band 3 (1800MHz)
  • LTE Band 8 (900MHz)
  • LTE Band 32 (1500MHz)
  • LTE Band 38 (2600MHz)

3G Coverage

  • 2100MHz
  • 900MHz
  • 900MHz

2G Coverage